Life-Proof Carpet Designed with Your Daily Life in Mind


Family get-togethers and holiday gatherings can be hard on your carpet and furnishings. Food, wine, tomato sauce and other stain-causing foods get spilled. These items can permanently stain traditional carpets.  Unfortunately, if enough liquid is spilled it can damage your subfloor.  Not only is new carpet a must afterward but subfloor repairs are an additional expense.  Imagine walking from your kitchen to the living room with a full glass of soda.  Right before your eyes, your young niece darts past to greet the guests who just walked through the door. You stop immediately to avoid the collision, but the damage is done. The caramel coloring in the spilled drink is going to cause a stain. The high sugar content is going to result in dirt, debris and food particles collecting in the location.  If the liquid is left on the carpet for a prolonged period, it will soak through the fibers, backing, and padding and as a result, unpleasant odors can often occur.  
The Lifeguard Carpet Difference
Lifeguard carpet is guaranteed to be completely waterproof as well as stain and soil resistant. The R2X technology combined with specially designed nylon fibers ensure that dirt, liquids and food particles remain on top of the carpet where they are easily cleaned. If liquid does happen to seep through the carpet pile to the backing, it will never penetrate through the backing to the carpet padding or the subfloor.
Benefits of LifeGuard Carpet
• Completely Waterproof
• Easy to Clean
• Great for Homes with Young Children and Pets
• Prevents Damage to Subfloors
• Stain and Soil Resistant
R2X: Stain Resistance Times Two
Instead of simply coating the top fibers of the carpet with the stain resistant chemical (topical treatment), Shaw completely soaks the entire carpet, including the backing and backstitch, with R2X, a proprietary formula that is designed to make carpets liquid, stain and soil resistant.  (A dip and squeeze method) The result is a carpet that is entirely waterproof and easy to clean with just a dry paper towel or cloth.  Since the liquids and food particles don’t penetrate the carpet fibers or backing, carpet odor is virtually eliminated.
Let Us Protect Your Floors with LifeGuard Carpet
Lockwood’s Carpets is proud to be able to offer a new type of stain-resistant carpet that’s perfect for your holiday gatherings, family events and daily life. We understand that accidents happen. Children and adults spill drinks. Food can get dropped and smashed into the fibers, and pets can sometimes cause a mess. In addition to cleaning up the mess, you shouldn’t have to worry about the spill reducing the longevity or beauty of your carpet.
This is why we carry and install Lifeguard carpet in a variety of styles and colors for busy households. The R2X technology means that your floors will remain durable and beautiful for the entire life of the carpet.  Because spills don’t soak through the fibers, there’s virtually no risk of your carpet developing bad odors from dropped foods or liquids or pet accidents.
To learn more about our stain-resistant carpets and to get an estimate for carpet replacement, call us at 804-693-2372.